MultCloud File Sync Service Review

As we know that there are many kinds of file sync services online, such as Dropbox, box, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. When I saw MultCould Service at the first time, I am deeply attracted. Because This service syncs the files in those online file sync services.
In my mind, file sync service is a kind of backup services. About 6 years ago, we usually backup our important files with backup software, saving the backup on other drives of our computer. But File sync services help us to backup them online. So a lot of people fall in love with it. What’s more, file syncs service allows users to share their files easily. With just one link, you don’t need to send the files to the people who you want to share with. 
However, most file sync services have their limitations for free account. You got only couples of GB space to sync your files. Several GBs are not enough gradually, because the file size turns bigger and bigger nowadays. So we have to register more accounts in different file sync services or use different accounts to get more space. But it really hard to manage. 
More importantly, Those online file sync services have a potential danger, which may be closed someday. This happened before. Once your primary file sync service would be closed, you have to remove all the files to another service. It will be panic. 
And now there is a kind of service that allows you to manage all file sync services and even sync the files from one account to other accounts no matter these accounts are in same or different file sync services. It is MultCloud file sync service. 
At the first sight, I find that MultCloud doesn’t offer app or software for managing files. You can only transfer files between cloud drives through its website. This is not that convenient for use. But I believe the developer will give you app or software for that in near future. 
After that, when I want to create account, I didn’t notice that it support Facebook or Google account for quick access. You can see this feature only at login page. 
After login, A small notice tells you the update info and contact email. This is quite sweet. After that, I saw the control panel. There is a link “Free Get 10TB Traffic” under 0KB/2.0TB button on top left of the screen. If you share the link, you will get 10TB traffic. Here I don’t know if the 10TB traffic is monthly or one time or even totally. 
Here I believe that MultCloud collects nearly all main file sync services, about 28 services totally as I counted. 
Choose the service that you want to add, the wizard will guide you step by step. You will be asked to give the permission for MultCloud.
As a test, I added Dropbox and Gdrive into my MultCloud account.
I tried to transfer a file (127MB) from dropbox to Gdrive, using “Copy to” with right click.
And I got the destine service. You can choose one or some as you like, it means that your selected file or files will be copied to the selected file sync services. 
For test, I uploaded a file with 127MB size to dropbox, and copied it to Gdrive, it costs me about 3 minutes. According to the MultCloud features, it allows you to close the site, and the file copy process still runs at the background of the servers. 
(I don't know why there are two same files as I uploaded just one)
This service is quite simple and easy for all kinds of users, especially for those whose countries blocked Google or Dropbox. 
In my opinion, I will give it 3.5 stars, because the rest 1.5 stars needs app or software to makeup. It is now useful for moving files from one drive to others, but not quite easily to manage(upload or download) files without app or software. Web services still have limitations anyway. 


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